Friday, November 10, 2006

A Pittance of Time

In honor of all my fellow Veterans, please visit this site and download the video and song. Be sure to have kleenex handy, it even brings tears to this crusty old Vets eyes.

A Pittance of Time


Canuckguy said...

--I sent you an e-mail, just so you don't think it is junk mail and delete it, it will be shown as from Canuck America. I think you will find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

That "Pittance of Time" reminds me, each year, of those who didn't come home with me from Korea these 55 years ago. I'm grateful that you posted it.

Dennis - Tucson

Lew Waters said...

Dennis, thank you for going before me. I grew up seeing you guys as the heroes you are.

Any thinks on this should go to Terry Kelly for writing and performing this. I tear up watching and listening to it as I recall the 13 from my unit in Viet Nam that didn't come back.